Treatment cases

Disc extrusion of L5/S1
Attending Physician: Dr. Gunsang Ahn, Patient: OO Eom “I couldn’t walk because of the back pain without any special reasons. I was given pain relievers and steroids in Western Medicine hospital. I didn’t see any improvements so I came to Jaseng. Now, I have trust in Jaseng treatments after experiencing the results of MSAT.
Attending Physician: Dr. Moonshik Yoon, Patient: OO Bae “I’ve been treated in a well-known hospital but didn’t have improvement or progress in my condition. I was in despair but I kept searching for treatments on the web and came across a patient case similar to my symptoms and have seen improvement at Jaseng Hospital. I came all the way from Donghae, Gangwon Province while lying down in the backseat of my car with my wife driving. I still had anxiety on the way to the hospital but I was glad t
L3/4/5/S1 Herniation
Attending Physician: Dr. Sangdon Kim, Patient: OO Lee “My back was completely normal the day before but when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t even walk because the pain was so intense. I was transported to Jaseng Hospital in Ulsan in an ambulance because I couldn’t control my body by myself. I didn’t imagine that the pain would disappear with just one session. But when I received MSAT, I found myself walking on my own. It truly was an unbelievable treatment result.”
Frozen shoulder
Attending Physician: Dr. Jepil Yoon, Patient: OO Jo – “I’ve been having pain in my right shoulder for about a month and it kept getting worse day by day, to the point that I couldn’t lift my arm properly. I thought it would eventually get better as time goes by but when I couldn’t lift my arm that is when I came to Jaseng. If I had known that it could get better with just one session of MSAT, I would’ve came much sooner. “
L4/5 Disk protrusion
Attending Physician: Dr. Joonshik Shin, Patient: OO Yu – “I put my back out when I was lifting a heavy object. The pain went away after a few days so I thought everything was okay. But not too long after the incident, my back went out again when I was doing chores around the house and this time, the pain was so intense that it was so painful to walk. So I came to Jaseng and found out that I had protruded disk. I was worried in the beginning because the pain was so severe but after receivin
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