Help-MSAT (motion style acupuncture treatment) uses traditional acupuncture points accompanied by movement. MSAT is unique in that patients are encouraged to move, either alone or with support, for a period of 20 to 30 minutes while they are receiving traditional acupuncture, even if the patient only sways from side to side with assistance.

The steps for performing Help-MSAT are as follows :

  1. Carefully help the patient stand and provide support on both sides of the patient.
  2. As shown above, apply acupuncture on the subject’s GV16 and both sides of LR2 and LI11, on a total of five acupoints.
  3. Walk slowly with the patient and slightly lift him/her on the side to support his/her walking.

    [Support Steps]

    * At first, the patient will have difficulty walking due to the pain, but as the procedure progresses,
       the pain will be relieved, and the support should be gradually decreased as time passes.

    • Step 3 (100% support) : Patients are continually supported.
    • Step 2 (50% support) : Release some of the patient’s weight by reducing the support by 50%.
    • Step 1 (20% support or less) : Give almost no help by minimizing the support.
    • Step 0 (0% support) : The assistants leave the patient alone so that he/she can walk without assistance.
  4. When the patient can walk naturally, remove the needles and let him/her walk for approximately another 5 minutes until the end of the treatment.

The unauthorized imitation of Jaseng MSAT is strictly prohibited. All treatment methods, information and related material are owned by Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine.
Any unprofessional MSAT treatment performed by others than Jaseng specialists is strongly advised against since it might cause harm and irrevocable damage.

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