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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine

  • Eastern and Western Medicine Integration
  • International Clinic Going Beyond the Language Barrier
  • The Leader in Clinically Proven Oriental Medicine in Korea
  • Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Specializing in Non-Surgical Treatment for Spine Conditions

In 2007, the Ministry of Health and Welfare recognized and Family Affairs recognized Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine as the only hospital specializing in spine conditions. Jaseng has its own medical system, which consists of 300 doctors and an in-patient facility for patients coming from out of town or those with urgent medical care needs.

The hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic resources such as MRIs to provide the best non-surgical treatment for spine disorders. Jaseng is committed to providing the most effective medical care for patients by practicing native medicine in conjunction with allopathic (western) medicine.

Jaseng is a leading research-oriented hospital that pursues scientific and globalized oriental medicine. Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine has been proven for excellence in non-surgical solutions through collaborative research with the Osher Institute at Harvard University Medical School, University of California, Irvine and many other renowned medical institutions.

Jaseng has been educating others in Korean Medicine through various educational programs by lecturing and training medical specialists from the University of California, Irvine Medical School in the United States, Al-Azhar University Medical School in Egypt and other prominent universities. Jaseng was also presented as the most effective non-surgical treatment with scientific proven research at the American Pain Society and European Congress of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine in 2008.

Jaseng has a clinic located in the city of Fullerton which is nearby to St. Jude Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in Orange County, CA. Starting with this branch clinic, Jaseng will continuously expand overseas so that the world can experience the impact of Korean Medicine.

  • 2011~2010
  • 2009~2007
  • 2006~2003
  • 2002~1990

2011 History

  • 2011. 03
    Opening of Jaseng Haeundae Branch Hospital
    Opening of Jaseng wellness center "The J"
  • 2011. 02
    Established an affiliation with Southern California University
    Established an affiliation with Olympia Medical Center
  • 2011. 01
    The "Shinbarocapsule" which was extracted from Jaseng's Chuna medication, was approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) as the 4th new natural medicine
    Established an academic affiliation with Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine

2010 History

  • 2010. 12
    Awarded the 2010 Management Award for Promotion of Consumer Interest (Consumer Trust Division)
  • 2010. 11
    Opened Jaseng Jamsil Branch Clinic
    Opened Jaseng Hospital Ulsan branch
  • 2010. 09
    Publication of "Bone mineral density, body mass index, postmenopausal period and outcomes of low back pain treatment in Korean postmenopausal women" thesis in the European Spine Journal (Impact Factor 2.396)
    Participated in the Korean Medical Tourism PR and Academic Interchange Tour in Kazakhstan organized by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • 2010. 08
    Jaseng's research team proved the anti-inflammatory effects of "Chung-Pa-Jeon (GCSB-5)" in our herbal medicine and published the results in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (Impact Factor 2.322)
  • 2010. 07
    Selected as a "Certified Cooperative Medical Institution" by the Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • 2010. 05
    A clinical research thesis on the scientific effects of Jaseng's non-surgical spine treatment was published in the "Journal of Complementary Therapies in Medicine (CTM)"
    Participated in the Korean Medical Tourism PR Tour in the UAE and Lebanon
  • 2010. 04
    Opened Jaseng Hospital Daejeon branch
  • 2010. 02
    Dr. Joon-Shik Shin, President of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, appointed Chairman of Korea Oriental Medical Hospital Association (KOMHA)
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