Acute and Long Term Benefits of Motion Style Treatment (MST): Two Case Reports [2007]
Joon-Shik Shin. OMD. PhD. W.R. Boone. PhD. DC. Paul Jong Kim. and Chang Sok So. MD. OMD. PhD.

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Director of Research, Sherman College of Straight Chiropratic,  Spartanburg. SC. USA

Undergraduate student, University of California, Irvine. CA. USA. Division of Basic and Clinical Immunology, University of California, Irvine.  CA. USA.


The present study reports on the efficacy and benefits of complementing  Motion Style Treatment(MST) with traditional acupuncture and herbal  additives. The study involved two case reports of persons with low back  pain, exacerbated by spinal injury and varying levels of spinal  degeneration. Findings revealed that both cases, pre- to post-treatment,  expressed significant improverment relative to orthopedic findings, as  well as exhibiting a large clinical effect. Additionally, the two cases  exhibited MRI findings indicating non-surgical disc repair and halting of  progressive degeneration. It is concluded that MST is desirable as a  complement to other therapies for patients with spinal disc involvement,  pain, and accompanying desenerative processes. Further study is  underway to confirm these findings.






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