The Clinical Report on 3 Temporomandibular Disorder Patient Cases Treated with Motion Style Treatment [2008]
Ja-young Moon, Jae-hee Cho, Hyo-eun Lee, Myung-jang Lim, In Kang, Wu-hao Wang, Cheol-jin Park*, Jin-kang Lim

Object: The purpose of this study is to report the improvement in temporomandibular disorder patients who were treated with MSAT (Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment)


Methods: The clinical study was done on 3 cases of patients with temporomandibular disorder. We checked the diameter between the maxilla and mandible with jaws fully opened. The NRS score was also checked following the MSAT each day.


Results & Conclusion: The diameter of the open mouth increased after being treated with MSAT and NRS scores decreased after treatment. It was concluded that MSAT may be effective to patients with temporomandibular disorder.




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